Lance Garner, Founder

Hi I’m Lance. Born in Chicago, raised in Milwaukee. My uncle ran a cabinetry shop, and taught me some basics as a young age. As a young adult, my parents kicked me out of the house since I wasn’t going to school, nor did I have a job, I was more interested in the Grateful Dead than doing anything with my life. After that, I spent the next few years working construction, HVAC repair and maintenance, and some electrical jobs. Eventually I started feeling a little off, but couldn’t quite identify what it was. I was making decent money, had a nice car, but there was something else the matter. One day I finally made the realization that I was tired of having to work to meet someones else’s schedule, to uphold someone else’s business ethics. I decided then to become my own boss. I spent a few weeks researching starting my own business, and was a little overwhelmed. Then one of my buddies was telling about a house in his neighborhood, that was beautiful when he was a child, but had been neglected over the years. The owners were desperate to get rid of it, and I knew could fix it up. I had enough saved to buy the house, and built up enough skills and tools to flip it. I moved out of my apartment and in to my new project. After that, I eventually quit my job and began to fix up houses full time. I pride myself on being able to focus on doing quality work, and provide families with a home without them worrying about any problems or unnecessary drama.