Our school participates in the General Mills Bostops 4 Education Program.This means we collect boxtops that you see on various products boxes and /or containers purchased at the grocery store. There are many food items and even some non-food items that carry the boxtop packaging. It is a small, rectangle outline with a pink dotted line that you see somewhere on the container.

All you have to do when you buy one of these products, is cut around the pink dotted line and then send the boxtop to school with your child. Each classroom has a collection container where the boxtops are stored. When the class collects 250 boxtops, they turn those in and receive some type of reward – extra recess, lunch in the classroom, no shoes in the classroom day, and stuffed animal day, are some of the rewards used by Menchaca teachers.

Our school mails in all the boxtops collected during the school year and then we get money back to purchase things needed on campus. Each boxtop is worth 10 cents. All those dimes add up to big money for our school. So, don’t throw them away. If you want to learn about other ways the boxtop program supports our school, go to www.boxtops4education.com and read about the online shopping, registering to support Menchaca, special coupon promotions, and recipes.