Selling your Maryland house on Craigslist is a good option
Selling your Maryland house on Craigslist is a good option

When you think about selling something then Craigslist may be the first place that you head. Therefore, in some ways it makes sense that you would also consider this for selling your home in Maryland. The truth is that you do have a good chance of selling your home on Craigslist because of the amount of traffic that the site gets. The important thing is that you make sure you get the ad right, especially the most critical parts.

The Headline of the Maryland Craigslist Ad

This needs to be something that will catch people’s attention and make them want to read the rest of ad. It should be something that creates interest but whatever you say needs to be true. A good tactic is to use numbers in the title and if they can be combined with a list then this is even better. The thing that you always want to bear in mind is that people need to be given a reason why they should click on the ad.

The Body Of The Ad

This part of the ad needs to contain all the details that people need to know about your Maryland property. You should also make reference to the points that you have alluded to in the headline. It is very important that the ad makes sense and using correct grammar and spelling will make it look more professional. Think about the kind of keywords that people may be using if they are looking for a property and try to make sure that they are incorporated somewhere in the text.

Pictures Of The Maryland Property

One of the most important things to remember when uploading photos is that you do not want to make the file too large. If the page takes too long to load then people will give up and click away from the ad altogether. You also do not want to include too many photos so make sure that the ones you do choose show everything that they need to. For example, one photo of the whole kitchen will be a lot more effective than individual photos of each appliance in the kitchen.

The Time It Is Posted

There has been a lot of research carried out into the best time to post ads where they will be seen by the most people. Between 10am and midday on a weekday is a good time because this is the point in the day when people tend to browse mid morning. After 5pm is also a good time because you will catch the people that are logging on after they have got home from work. At the weekend then most people will browse through ads in the morning so this is the time that you should think about posting.

If you have tried all of these tips and still have had no luck selling your Maryland home on Craigslist then you may want to consider selling to a real estate investor. They can often close on a sale very quickly and you could have the cash in your bank in a matter of weeks.

Selling My Maryland Home On Craigslist